What You Can Do Now To Avoid A Big Blunder This Tax Season


One thing happens every tax season without fail.  Clients get in a rush to get their big tax check and they get forgetful.  They think they have all of the documents and, Lo and Behold, a lonely straggler shows up

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Summertime Humor – The Problem With Porta Potties

Porta Potty Christmas

Even though this is a tax blog, I thought it would be fun to go off on a bit of a tangent. It is summertime after all…we could all use a break from financial matters. So instead, I’d like to

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The BIG MISTAKE that many “home party” businesses make.

You know you’ve been there! Your friends lure you in with good wine, good company, and SHOPPING! Everybody has been invited to a home party at some point. It’s fun, flashy, and usually pink! Many moons ago, you would really

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A lot of people have gotten the wrong idea about tax refunds.  It’s not your fault.  I blame the media.  Why not?!  We blame the media for everything else.  You do see it on television and in the papers quite

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Per Diem – The Controversial Deduction

The story of a sweet deduction that becomes involved in scandal and deception and eventually ends with heartbreak and legal battles.  It sounds like the plot for what could be this year’s break out film!  Alas, it is the tale

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